Authenticity promise

CCK Knives are world-renowned as the best Chinese Cleavers (Caidao) ever made. With over 100+ years of history and the Confucianism approach of “Learning from the master,” it’s no surprise they’ve been imitated over and over.

So let us be clear: All knives on this website are original and manufactured by CCK (Chan Chi Kee) in Hong Kong. There’s only one CCK, and that’s on Shanghai Street in Hong Kong, in the historical Kowloon neighborhood.

These are NOT:

  • Knock-offs made in mainland China.
  • Fake “old stock” “before the logo was changed.”
  • Knives made “in the same factory as CCK’s” (no such thing exists).

We source all our CCK knives directly from CCK. We visit the shop in person and then ship them back to the UK.

If you’ve tried any other Chinese Cleaver, once you use a CCK, there will be no doubt they are the best. They’re much sharper, have a thinner blade, and a constant blade taper.